Our Founder

Elsie Chammas Eddé, Founder and President, Generis

Elsie, is firm believer in active learning and career development. She benefited in her childhood years from being in proximity of a public library where she cultivated her love of books and learning. She is a firm believer in multi-disciplinary approaches, and achieved her academic formation in that setting where she obtained her degree in Analyst Programming, Human Resources, Public Relations and Enterprise Communication. She is a multi-cultural person who grew up between Lebanon and France, and after being love struck by her husband, Pierre Edde, joined him in traveling around the world where the importance of being a global citizen dawned on her.  Reflecting on the importance of learning and being a multi-cultural global citizen she dedicated herself to develop youth and transform them so that they too could gain like she did. In 1999, she founded the «Espace Culturel of Beit-Mery» with the aim of providing a healthy environment for children from around the country, to read, discover and participate in many cultural activities. She then founded GENERIS, to develop youths’ skills and abilities, broaden their horizons socially, artistically and culturally as well as develop their personalities.

From the onset she has been a hands-on leader who gets involved with the teams handling projects, and accompanies the youth on different activities to provide the requisite support to the team leaders and to ensure the success of planned activities. She has local and international experience in organizing events to bring youth together, and believes in building and empowering youth. She has impeccable organizational skills, and has developed a strong grasp of many themes that have been discussed in international exchanges conducted by other Euro Mediterranean networks through immersion.

Who We Are

Generis is a not-for profit organization focused on developing tomorrow’s youth across different dimensions.

Generis is also:

1- Member of the Anna Lindh Foundation Network for Dialogue between Cutures

2- Accredited since April 2016 for the European Voluntary Service Program (EVS) under ERASMUS+  Youth in Action Program, to send and host volunteers in the Euro Mediterranean region

3- Member of the Working Group for UNESCO’s Net-Med Youth Project funded by EU

4- Member of “NGOs Are Stronger Together”, a project by MEPI Lebanon Alumni Association and funded by MEPI

5 – Partner with AIESEC Lebanon in LAU, to enhance leadership skills in Youth volunteering exchanges

6- Generis takes part in Salto-Med Youth trainings and networking events

7- It is also a member of other local and international networks

We develop youth. We improve their skills and abilities, work on nurturing their personalities, and broaden their social, artistic and cultural horizons.

Generis Vision:

Generis seeks to become the leading youth development organization.

Personal Development

Cultural, Social and Artistic Development

Skills and Abilities’ Development 


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